Sunday, July 20, 2014

Dress in Lavender

The second one did not go as quickly as I thought it would.
Adding lining to it was not the problem, even with the lining skirt using darts rather instead of gathering like outer fabric.

After patting myself on the back for sewing fabric and lining to the invisible zipper successfully and beautifully, I realized the bodice was a bit loose at each side. That could've been easily solved by taking in the fabric a bit at each side if only the zipper was not sewn in already. GRRRRGH. After cussing at myself few times, I ripped back half of zipper length and the other sideseam, re-sew and tried on the dress again.

I was soooo mad at myself! I got a bit enthusiastic with taking in the sideseams and took in just a smudge too much, like, 1/4 inch too much on each side. Even a little too much was too much. It felt tighter on the bust than I'd like. I had to walk away from sewing to calm myself down.

After some thoughts, I cut a slit at the back to see how it fits. Thank goodness it fitted great. I just had to come up with a design to make the cut look intentional and I went for a curved opening. An hour into fixing the problem, I'd finally redeemed myself.

The fabric was from Mills End.  It's woven cotton in a pale lavender with subtle prints. I used matching solid cotton for the lining. For waistband and shoulder strap, I went with dark brown print from my stash.

I ended up quite happy to have a different back for this dress than the first one.
Probably I learned some lessons here somewhere, but I have a tendency of not learning from my mistakes.

Now I have 2 dresses with no occasions to wear...  It's time to sew something I'd wear more often.

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  1. I love the dress, and confess that purple is my favourite colour.