Thursday, July 31, 2014

Dai un' occasione all'amore

The title - "Taking a Chance On Love" in the language of love - Italian!  The pattern now has an Italian version.

Much gratitude to Lucia (Novembre on Ravelry) for her help with translating the pattern into Italian.
Lucia asked if I would like it to be translated into Italian since she was knitting the shawl.  Of course!
It was a vanity thing with me since any affiliation with Italian just sounded so lovely and I wish I can move to Italy.  But, she was doing it not only as a favor to me, also for very a generous reason.  She said she wanted to translate it so knitters like her mom can knit it too.

I never really thought about it.  I mean, sure I thought about it from my point of view before. "Hey, wouldn't it be great if I can get my patterns to the Italian audience."  But I never thought about it from a knitter's point of view. There is this whole wealth of pattern out there, and majority are in English, whereas so many knitters around the world cannot access them because of language.

You'd think I ought to know that since English is my second language.  And if my mom knits (haha, that's an unlikely funny image, mom has absolute no zero interests in making anything, not even cooking,) she wouldn't be able to follow my patterns either.

I'm grateful to have this opportunity so that knitters who speak Italian can have access to one more pattern. Thank you Lucia!