Saturday, July 26, 2014

Something to Wear

Finally, I made some outfit that's totally me, casual and relax.

The pants, oh, I LOVE the pants!  I drafted the pattern for a roomy fit around hips and thighs and tapered at mid-calf.  The fabric was linen from stash.  The design detail I added was the narrow, triangular button band cross from the waist dart on one side to the other.  It has front pockets.  I was really, really thrilled how well it fits.  Sewing went smoothly because I'd learned to be patient and think twice before any seaming.

To complete the outfit I made 2 tops out of some fabric recently purchased at Joann's, a wonderful, soft, woven cotton with super thin stripes.  The pattern was drafted very quickly since the overall shape was very basic.

For the first top, the design detail was the crescent shape at the front neck, and soft pleating on the back. and the curved upside down crescent hem at the front.

Since I still had enough fabric left, I made the second top using the same pattern with even roomier fit than first one, as well as slightly wider neckline. The crescent keyhole detail was modified a bit so the 2 sides are not met at the same height. The hem on both front and back are upside down crescent shape. The pleating was moved down to top of waistline on the back.

I love these 3 pieces.  Totally something I'd wear. They're my type of wardrobe, no fuss, easy to wear, relax, with little details to add interest but not overpowering.  I love the cotton fabric so much that I went and bought 2 more yards of it.  I'm ready to to make more of similar type of clothing. 


  1. wow! i love the design of this collection! :D looks so comfy and relaxed, and the crescent detail is awesome!

  2. So cool! I love what you make. Nice details and very inspiring. StaceyKnitsIt

  3. So adorable! You are so talented!