Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Quick Projects

I got some sewing done yesterday when I should be knitting.
I felt like I should be getting some designs going for the coming knitting season, but I really wanted to do some quicker design projects.  To realize an idea in knitting would take weeks, when it only took a day or two for me to sew a non-complicated outfit.  During summer I'd get impatient when I have more free time to day dream about clothing ideas.

Initially I had an idea of sailor style pants, but I decided the pants will pair with a bright print top, so I used the fabric for the top to accent the pockets.  Adding buttons like in sailor pants would just be too much, so I let go of that idea. Fabric was some wool blend, light brownish color with teal and yellow thin stripes. I got it months ago from Mills End in Reno.  I made it wide legs but more fitted on the upper part.

The top was a synthetic blend fabric that I bought at the same time as the wool.  I knew exactly the style I wanted when I finished the pant, with gathered body around the round neck.

I totally dig this outfit, a bit funky with the print.  I like that it's more urban looking yet easy wearing with the rather relaxed fit.  It's a winner in my book.

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  1. It is completely a winner! You look great, very cool and sassy!