Monday, August 4, 2014

New Pattern - Tulip Shawl

Yay! a new pattern is up. It's the Tulip Shawl. 

This is probably one of my favorite lace motifs I'd designed, so I'm really excited that the pattern is here. 

Many thanks to my wonderful testers, the 3 Vs and a T, Virginia, Vaida, Valentina, and Tatjana.  I think and I hope, these wonderful knitters have become sort of my regular shawl testers.  I really love working with the 3 Vs and a T, they're reliable, fast, very easy to work with. It's ways just a smooth process and they sure are wonderful to communicate with.  Also many thanks to my tech editor Judy, who was willing to edit this pattern when her summer has been so busy lately.  

I got copula sweaters going, one on the needles and I just watched the whole final season of The Killings on Netflix with it. Then there was one finished a week ago that I had yet to sew on buttons. Hopefully photos coming soon.  

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  1. Such a beautiful pattern! Happy to be one of the 3 V's and a T! :)