Monday, September 1, 2014

A Fine Tuesday ... I Know..Today is Monday.

Last Tuesday I published 2 new patterns "A Fine Tuesday" and "Tuesday Hat. They are now both available, at my Ravelry store.

I didn't have a chance to announce the patterns here because it was the first week of school. I was so exhausted from teaching.
On Monday, I came home, ate, and went straight to bed. Tuesday, I published the pattern before I went to work and after I got home, I went straight to bed again.  By Wednesday, I was better.  I actually had a little energy left to stay up for an hour before I went to bed.

Yes, I was super tired, but it was the good kind of tired.  I was exhausted purely from teaching. The Positive Thoughts shawl worked!  (That was my secret plan, to knit coupla shawls and send the positive energy to myself.)  This year, everything is much brighter. Things took a semi-surprising turn few weeks before school began.  For the first time in a very long time at work, I feel there is hope of getting back to normalcy and just concentrate on what I'm supposed to do - teaching.

This weekend I even cast on for a new project. It's gonna be a pullover.
I'm still very undecided on the yarn choice. I think I'd said this before, I prefer solid color over hand dyed yarn for sweaters.  This time I'm using Tosh Sport in grasshopper. It's a bright, and a beautiful color.  I'm just not sure if I like the uneveness of dye that distracts from the stitch design.

The crazy part is I don't have enough yarn for a whole sweater.  The concept is single, solid color for the simplicity of the sweater.  But now I'm using this yarn, and I'm so cheap that I don't really want to buy more, so I'm thinking adding a different color to the bottom of the sweater.  This could be quite a hilarious turnout, we shall see...

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