Monday, January 5, 2015

New Pattern - Wandering in the Souk

Kicking off the new year with a new pattern.
Wandering in the Souk pattern is up in my Ravelry store.

It was knitted like eons ago.  Test knitted eons ago.  Even finished with tech editing in December. But I put off the publishing until now because I wanted to wait until the whole EU Vat Ravelry/LoveKnitting (LK) thing roll out.

In case you're not aware.  Starting January 1, any sales of digital goods to EU countries need to pay EU Vat.  Well, that would've been easier (it's all relative) if the rates are the same across board. But, life simply cannot be that easy.  So Ravelry came up with an option for EU purchases to complete purchases of patterns via LK, a British online site.  And LK will handle all the Vat for designers who choose that route.

I'm just really grateful to both Ravelry and LK for offering this option.  I cannot imagine the nightmare of having to deal with reporting VAT to so many countries.
Right now there may be few kinks here and there. But I have faith in Ravelry and LK that things will smooth out as we move further into 2015.  In the mean time, please message me on Ravelry if there is any problem with EU purchases.

Last week, I even went out and shot a few more photos for the pattern. I have to really thank Paul for learning to be "slightly" more patient with taking photos (again, it's all relative).  He's even learning to point out few little things like "you're standing in the shadow."  It's too bad that neither of us took any photo classes in college when we're both art majors. But that was way back before the digital age when not only cameras were expensive, so was film and everything.    


  1. lovely sweater! i love so many of your designs on ravelry - really got to knit myself one of them!