Thursday, February 5, 2015

Plum Rain

Plum Rain is now published on Ravelry.
I have un-linked my patterns at Ravelry from LoveKnitting with EU purchases.  Any EU knitters who prefers to support their own country's new VAT policy can still find all my patterns, including Plum Rain and future releases available on LK for purchases to be purchased directly.

I lost some sleep over this decision.  In the end, I found the Ravelry linking to LK not really compatible with me.  I spent a bit too much time in January trying to check and check, wait and wait for the patterns to be available for EU knitters, and answering inquiries from EU knitters.

Little update on the unraveled yarn, I also just finished knitting a sweater with it.  the sweater is blocking now.  I'm liking it a lot better than the Disappointing sweater it once was.  Well, that's not hard.  We'll see how much better is it this time.

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  1. Beautiful pattern, as always. (Incidentally, I've unlinked my patterns from LoveKnitting as well.)