Saturday, February 28, 2015

A New Smocked Vest

This is another one of those projects with many twists and turns during the knitting process.
It once again proved that I'm one that cannot help herself to tweak ideas as I go.

Initially, I was thinking a swing vest with asymmetrical opening at the front, and lacy collar using variegated yarn.  But half way up the waist line, I wanted to add a little gathering over something like 20 stitches at the left front, near the waist.

I did some improvisations of the gathering, and fell in love with the smocking effect I came up with. So I changed my mind and wanted to use the smocking stitches for a much larger area.

After ripping one days' work back, the sweater was joined at the front with some overlapping. Then I proceeded with the smocking at the front.  I was so glad I did, because the progress before that was slowed to a crawling pace due to boredom. But the smocking stitches made the knitting so much more interesting, and I once again picked up the pace.

Because there are already a lot of elements for the sweater, I decided the neck should be in the same color, so I ordered more yarn. I also changed my mind about the sleeves design. It went fromplain tank top style to a little short rows for a slice of triangular sleeves to cover up the shoulders more.

Another change of plan was letting the front just swing open instead of few button close to the waist.

The whole time I worked on the smocking, I was wishing I didn't do the asymmetrical front of different length on each front. But in the end, I liked it and was very happy with the asymmetry.

I used Berrroco Ultra Fine Alpaca in the color Turquoise Mix.  It's a beautiful color that's extremely difficult to photograph.  I used size 4 needles to give it a very drapey fabric.

This top has matching lace hem edge with the neck, with a little ribbing at the back neck area.  I think this sweater is a sign that I'm ready for spring.  I also want to make one in Quince & CO. Sparrow (linen yarn) for the summer, but maybe with the front in round without splitting.  Maybe...

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  1. So cute! Love this for summer! Can't wait for the linen version!