Tuesday, March 31, 2015

First Linen Shawl

It was a sign of spring when I was looking at the linen yarn and thinking possibilities.
The yarn was Quince & Co. Sparrow, colors were Nannyberry and Sans.
The day was my first day of spring break.
It was a  perfect combo.

Top of the shawl was stockinette stitch and the bottom was very free-form lacy border.  I didn't plan any of the lace border stitches.  I had just a basic concept as my jump off point.  It was the beginning of spring, and I liked the feeling of being free. By the time I finished rows of free form knitting, I felt, OK, time to put in some regularity, so I improvised a pattern repeat.  It worked after coupla tries.

Paul said the lace border looks like dragonfly wings.  And I like that, a lot.  

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