Tuesday, May 5, 2015


Finally, it's off my needles.  I was stalled for coupla weeks due to things going on at work, and finally picked up the speed again this last week.

This sweater started out as a minor experiment with something I'd not done before, and I pushed it a bit more when I was looking at my sketch.
It was modified raglan style with regular increases intervals along the raglan lines. The minor experiment ended up being the back side where the rate of increases was more frequent than traditional raglan. The extra experiment ended up being the front with asymmetrical design.

Initially I wasn't sure about ribbing sweaters.  It always makes me extra self-conscious about the chest area.  So I decided to have positive ease to lessen the effect.  I have to say, in general, I'm not a huge fan of body hugging sweaters.  I tend to think sweater as layering piece, so I like mine to be roomier.  Ribbing also becomes distorted with vertical lines stretching out around any bulging area which draws attention right to the bulging area. And I'm also not a fan of sweaters becomes too specific in emphasizing one part of body.

Positive ease did make it much better and easier to wear for me.

The yarn was from the huge stash I have of Elann Limited Edition Lana Pura.  I really love this yarn, It makes me sad to see Elann fades away as a store.  It still has a store front on Amazon, but I miss the old Elann.  I miss the excitement of new offering every week.  If I have one true love of yarn store, it was Elann.  Sadly, it's no longer what it was.

The color is a gorgeous burnt orange, and the fiber content is 100% Tasmanian Wool. It feels very much like merino, next to skin soft.

I totally love this sweater!


  1. That construction is so clever, and it looks fabulous. :D

  2. Looks so cool! You are so clever!

  3. I'm afraid this pattern will remain in my mind ... maybe through Ravelry ... in the next days ... well possibly in the next months, will you ?? ...