Sunday, March 20, 2016

Funky Fairisle

I had this idea in mind of non-color fairisle with layered look top.  And I just had to do it. After a little work, I realized it's a bit a variation on my Colors on a Cloudy Day  So, ha, I'm copying myself, the exact thing I've been trying to get away from, sigh.

But, I do like the sweater. It was knitted top down in round with raglan style sleeves.

I've read some knitters' and designers gripe about raglan style as not the most flattering. I'm always super puzzled by such comment as it's the one of the styles that I find most flattering on me.  Maybe it's my body/shoulder type.  The raglan lines change the horizontal shoulder linex and adds slope diagonals that I always find very much to my liking.  It breaks the rectangular frame of body since I don't have a slim waist. 

The yarn I used was Quince & Co. Chickadee in my stash, which is a lovely yarn for colorwork,  in color egret, kittywake and sabine.  Needle was US #4 all the way throughout the entire sweater. 

Pattern is mostly written.