Friday, October 14, 2016

I'm with Her

I got a new hat pattern - I'm with Her.  It's free and available via Ravelry

Did you hear Michelle Obama's speech yesterday? If you haven't, you should. Both Paul and I had tears in our eyes listening to our first lady.

But, this hat is not just about against Trump and all the vile things he'd said and done.  It's about supporting a very qualified candidate who also happens to be a woman.

I have a lot of respect for Hillary's grit.  She may not come across as a warm and sweet mom and grandma the way our society expects woman to be like, but she is tough, intelligent, knowledgeable, and eperienced.

She fought for universal health care, a very important issue to me, when she was the first lady and knowing well she'd be the target of much hate.  She endured a lot of mud slinging since then and is still willing to do the job as our president.  She is my president.  I'm with Her.

After Hillary's term as president, I would like to nominate Michelle Obama as our president in 8 years :)


  1. THIS LOOKS GREAT! Thanks for a new pattern!

  2. I am with you completely! 8 for Hillary, 8 for Michelle, just imagine what could be accomplished! That speech was so incredible, so moving. The hat is great, you look adorable, as always!