Tuesday, May 1, 2012

New Shawl Pattern

I made a second Large Colors and Circles shawl using Quince & CO Chickadee in color honey.  It was actually finished over a month ago but I never bothered to take photos of it. Because of the publication of the pattern, I finally got around to taking some photos. As for the yarn, I really enjoyed working with it. It was soft but  durable as well. Yellow ochre is definitely one of my favorite colors, and I can see myself making a sweater in this color one day.

After much procrastination Colors and Circles Shawls pattern is now available at Ravelry.

Much thanks to Nicole, aka chirimoya on Ravelry with test knit.

One item off the to do list.  I'm about to start a second "Thinking of Waves" so I can send the pattern to the testers.  I know there are a lot of errors in stitch counts in my original notes, so I don't feel good at all about sending out a pattern to testers without re-doing it first.

Hopefully during the summer I'll write up patterns for the sweaters on my to do list, This Wednesday Morning, Pink Cardigan (Spring is Here...), and Midsomer Sunshine.

And summer is just around the corner!

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