Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Lazy Fairisle

So I got lazy. I also had few ideas that brewed in my head on the long drives during spring break that I may wanna play with. And most importantly, I just wanna be done with this sweater.

I stopped the fairisle motifs at the bottom of yoke, and did a few stripes below that so the Fair Isle wouldn't seem to stop too abruptly. Originally I had Fair Isle long cuff in mind as well, but guess what, I was just too lazy to bring myself to do more Fair Isle. It's all because I found myself not super in love with the sweater, so I wanted to move on to something else. Short sleeves it was.

It came out a bit bigger and loose than I'd planned (as if I really had any concrete plans to begin with), but I like it this way as a layering piece.

Even though I said it previously that I was enjoying the not so tasteful color combo, but it was getting a bit like a kid's sweater with the color so bright. I also just wasn't liking the purple. After finishing the sweater, I overdyed it with diluted black acid dye bat to pull the colors together a bit more. It did dulled down the colors as I'd hoped.

Yay, now I can move on and play with some ideas, don't know exactly what I'll do next, but I feel like I'm freed from this project.  I'm actually thinking about summer knitting, I was looking at linen yarn in my stash yesterday...  Or maybe I'll do some sewing...

I'm calling this sweater Sunflower. This is in support of the students protest against government in Taiwan. People are angry that the government passed a trade agreement with China without any transparency.  The students dubbed the protest as "Sunflower" signifying for hope and desire for a better, brighter future for Taiwan.

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  1. I love this sweater! Do you plan to write it up to sell, perhaps? I would buy it if you did, at the drop of a hat :-)