Monday, March 10, 2014

Positive Thoughts #1

These two shawls were finished in January, but life kinda got in the way and I had a few test knits going on that I just didn't bother to post them.
They were fun to design. I modified the border from my Handspun Shawl #1, then added 2 simple stitch motifs for a shawl that can be modified into different sizes with varied number of repeats.

I love the Cascade Heritage Silk I got, and love the color, Cerulean.

Then I made the second shawl.  I wanted to make sure I was right about the pattern can be modified with ease and stitch count can add up to move on to next chart.  I knew my math was right, but I just had to do it to make sure. Stubborn me. So I made the second one in Cascade Heritage Solid in mustard.
I really like this yarn as well, but Heritage Silk did make me feel more spoiled by its luxuriousness.

I'm calling this future pattern (need to be test knitted first) Positive Thoughts #1.


  1. Oh these are both beautiful!

  2. Amazing design! So beautiful colours, both!!!!!

  3. Absolutely LOVE this shawl, but am having trouble with the size - it seems a bit small. Does it "Grow" a lot with the blocking? Also I come up with 144 rows to knit the small size, but whe I do the math according to the guage it just doesnt seem to be able to be the finished size of 26 x 62...please help - trying to get this finished in time for daughters 40th b'day! thanks!