Monday, July 18, 2011

Happy Ending / Beginning

Yay! the new refrigerator is happily sitting in our kitchen.

Paul and our friend Dan moved it upstair this afternoon in no time at all.  It took longer to actually change the door handles from left side to right side, putting in the shelves, and leveling how it sits on the floor.  Now we're all just scratching our heads as to why the delivery guys couldn't do it. The delivery guys  made it sound like it would be a huge ordeal and the only way to do it was to rent a crane to move it through the window, etc.  It took Paul and Dan about 5 minutes to move the new one up, and another 5 minutes to move the old one down.

                                                       there's Paul, moving the fridge

Paul took the doors off and removed all the shelves first, which I suggested to the delivery men, but they said that wouldn't make any differences while they were huffing, puffing, grunting, making tons of noises about how heavy the thing was.  Paul also tilted the fridge when it came around corner landings. That, I too suggested to the delivery guys and they also claimed wouldn't work and were adamant it was absolutely "impossible" to move the thing around the corner landings.

          With a little tilt, plenty of space between the fridge and above when it comes to the corner landings.

Well, last night out of worry, I tied together some big plastic tubs that I have for storing yarns to something that is similar size as the fridge.  We did a quick simulation of how Paul and Dan are going to move it today.  We could see that it was totally possible spatially/geometrically to move it around corners if we tilt it.  It would just be the question of physically able to lift and push.  As it turned out, it was a breeze for them.  Paul did most of the pushing and sliding weight part on the bottom while Dan made sure it would't slide down.  Paul said it wasn't that heavy at all especially with the doors and shelves removed.

         there's Dan - super nice dude, an awesome skier and snowboarder who also volunteers at local search and rescue, now rescuing our fridge mission.

Lesson learned here: It's always good to stash yarn, the tubs can then be useful for situations like this.

As the milk I just bought 2 days ago had already gone bad in the old fridge this morning, I'm so thrilled to have the new one here.   Drama over.   Tomorrow I'm going to do some grocery shopping.


  1. haha! what do the delivery guys know? you had it all sorted out! awesome that you have a fridge now, that will keep your milk for longer than 2 days. (definitely good on the wallet).
    happy dance all around!

  2. Yay for a new fridge! But the delivery guys should refund you the delivery charge if it was that easy to do!!! Enjoy your shopping!

  3. I am happy it all worked out Connie ;-)) I was reading about your ordeal in the past posts. Nice use of yarn containers ;-)))