Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Quick Summer Knit

I loved the color when I first received the yarn last summer.  It's yellow with ochre undertone to it. Wanting a quick knit tank top for summer, I figured this yarn will do.  Even though it's fingering weight, it actually feels more like light sports weight to me.    The design was thought out ahead of the time, but not much details planned other than the kind of bottom edge I wanted and a folded over collar.  I knitted it top down, starting with short rows on shoulders for the front, then the back shoulder were pick up sts from the CO edge of front shoulders. Front and back were joined at the underarm area.  It was a very straight forward knitting, no sewing.

The bottom lace edge was simply k 1 row, p 1 row,  k 1 row,  next row: *k1, yo twice,  rep from * to end, next row: * k1, drop the 2 yo, rep from * to end. next. Rep the 5 rows 3 more times and do 5 rows of garter before BO.

Once the body was finished, the collar was pick up stitches along the neck,  dec 6 sts on the 6th rounds twice and k 8 rounds, and inc 6 sts next round, rep the inc on the 6th round again. I used 5 rounds of linen sts as border.

Armhole was done with 4 rounds of garter sts after pickup sts around armhole.

The loop for the button was just 7" of I-cord, purely decorative.

In the end, I can't say that I love the yarn albeit the color is lovely.  Mercerized cotton is just not my favorite.  It always feels like knitting with ropes to me.

I do  like the simplicity of this tank top and was sure glad to knock down a little more stash.

I'm not sure what I'm gonna do next.  I'm just a bit bummed today because our refrigerator is about to die.  It had been very problematic the past 2 years. We saved up money and finally bought a new one on sale.  It was delivered today,  except it's not in the kitchen but in the garage.

Our kitchen is on the top floor and the delivery guys couldn't move the old one down the stairs (stupid stair design from the 70's with low overhang and narrow stairs,) not to mention unable to bring the new one up.  The guys said they can rent a crane to do it through the window, but that's at least another $200 to add to the current delivery fee. $200 that I don't have. And of course we got charged for the part of the stairs today since they did try to move it down halfway.  The refrigerator itself is about $550,  But so far it already cost us $110 for delivery and partial stairs.  I even tipped the guys since it was such a haul when they moved the dying fridge halfway down the stairs and had to move it back up.  It took them quite a while and they were huffing and puffing and not thrilled at all with the job.

To add to the whole drama, I broke a lamp while moving it out of the way.  It dropped to the first floor.  It later took me an hour to vacuum every carpeted step and sweep the first floor area.  No, it's not that big of a house, just a lot of steps, and my vacuum does not have the attachmenst to vacuum little corners or steps so I had to move the vacuum every step.  Our carpet was dirty and old, another 70's original, just glad it's no shag rug, but the moving made a mess that was even obvious on the dirty carpet. Then I had to put all the food back into the old fridge.   Grrrrrr... I'll wait 'till Paul comes back from camping to see what we should do about the fridge.

Good thing we have zero money to do any redecoration of the house.  It is so 70's that our hip friends actually love it. (OK, we only have 2 friends that are hip and live in San Francisco, all other friends are just as uncool as us.)   The retro part really cannot hide how hideous some of the decors are.   The couches were from the 70's, the fireplace, the kitchen, the lamps, everything.   If we ever have to redecorate the house (only in our dreams,) I wouldn't even know how to move all the furnitures from top floor.

Sorry I had to rant since I have not one else to whine about my day. The delivery guys were supposed to deliver yesterday when Paul was around, they never showed up.  We were told they'd be here first thing in the morning but they didn't show up 'till afternoon.  I wasted all morning, in the end, still no new fridge in the kitchen.

Now I just wanna sit in front of TV and do absolutely nothing. Not even knitting.

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  1. I agree that sounds like a truly crappy day. I feel very sorry for you! But you have a fantastic new top that looks gorgeous on you. I hope you have your new fridge soon.