Tuesday, July 5, 2011


I started another sweater using the formula of top-down set-in sleeves in round that I am in the process of testing. 

The most challenging part was wrapping my heard around an easier way to do neck shaping using short rows.  No problem with actually doing it, but when I tried to write down the direction ahead of time, oh man, I felt my head would explode. I am one of those people who need to be able to visualize things in order to understand things. Visualizing the sequence of short rows took more brain effort than I'd hoped.

This time I used a DK weight hemp/cotton/modal yarn - Elsebeth Hempathy.  I really love this yarn.  I love the feel of it as finished garment as well as during the time of knitting.  It wasn't that rough as I'd expected.  Stitches evened out a lot more post blocking, and the fabric softened up beautifully with a lovely drape yet it still has slight crispness to the fabric.  I got a whole bag of it on the first day sale at  Little Knits and used all 10 balls.  I just have one single ball left.  I'm thinking of making some accessory with it.  May crochet?

I opted for a dress this time.  This is something I totally can see myself wearing during summer.  It has pockets.  I put button holes on the pocket for both function and decoration, but I'm not sure I like them.   If I were to make it again, I may skip buttonholes, also, I will give few more stitches to the front and less for the back.  The cable section was a improvisation, hence not taking the tighter stitch count into consideration when casting on the neck opening.  Fortunately blocking does wonder. I gave it slight waist shaping, nothing severe as II don't particularly care for super tight and hugging styles.  This is named Intrepid for all the math I dared myself to do writing the formula.

I'm mostly done with the formula. Now I just need to write up better templates for myself and knit more in different weight of yarn to further test it.. I do hope to come up with few patterns using it in the future. But I may push back the testing in different weight yarn since I have few other ideas I want to play with this summer that does not require set-in sleeves.


  1. I really really like this! I have a lot of Hempathy, too, so if you ever want a test knitter...and that cable is fabulous.

  2. I've just begun exploring top down set in sleeves. Can't wait to see your patterns with
    this technique.

  3. That is really pretty. I love how your sleeves turned out. When I tried top-down simultaneous set-in sleeves they had sort of pointy bits that yours don't.