Friday, July 15, 2011

where i live

Since I mentioned about the decor of where I live,  I decided to take a few pictures of my comfy albeit outdated decor place.  As much as I'd whined in my last post about the 70's look, I do like my place a lot.  It's not huge, but more than spacious for us.  Most of all, we have the view, and I mean the VIEW.  It's a condo without garden space which is what I miss the most.


the 70's fireplace 

                           the bottom lamp was the one I broke

 and it dropped all the way down...

 the 70's couch destroyed by Cody, now we can't bear to throw it away...

OK and here is the view out our living area, the reason the living area and kitchen are on the top floor. Yes, we're completely spoiled and grateful by having this wonderful view of  Lake Tahoe outside our deck.  It's the one thing we never take for granted.

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  1. Sharon (stringfigures)July 17, 2011 at 7:58 PM

    Wow, beautiful view! Sorry about the refrigerator issues. I can relate. In our house, the washer and dryer are upstairs. I am uncomfortable with this! The mr. has also had the experience of having to cram a big new mattress up the small stairwell because it didn't really fit and the delivery people couldn't do it.
    I like your new tank top. The color is great. I don't look so good in yellow, but it makes me want to try!