Monday, June 25, 2012

Batts and Deer

I received the first of the 3 batts from Moonrover Batts Club.

This was the second time I spun from batts. The first time was disastrous with a batt I bought from Dizzy Sheep. It came in this huge blanket and it was like a big tangled thing.  I absolutely hated it. This Moorover batts was so much nicer to work with. It even had sparkly threads. I used longdraw. I'm still very uneven with the single's thickness using longdraw.  It's frustraing but I hope practice will help me get better.

I love the plumbness of woollen spun yarn, so I want to keep practicing, not to mention, longdraw is so much faster than shortdraw method.

Here is the final yarn after n-ply.  I did waste quite a bit of the fiber from breakage during spinning and ended with 160 yards of Light DK yarn from the 2 oz fiber.  It was spun and plied all in one day, a little birthday thing for myself.

It was my birthday yesterday.  For dinner, we went out for Italian food. I absolutely love Italian food. I ate a bit much, but the fried ravioli was so yummy, I could not resist.

During today's hike from Spooner Summit and up a little portion of Tahoe Rim Trail, we saw a deer, a very rare sight.  It's more likely to see a bear than a deer at this elevation.  We did about 5 miles round trip and probably 700 ft elevation climb the first leg.

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