Thursday, June 21, 2012

Winnemucca Lake

We went for a hike to Winnemucca Lake from Carson Pass yesterday.  Hope Valley by Carson Pass is one of the dearest places to me. When I think of paradise, this is what I envision.

First we stopped by Frog Lake. We encountered a family with their stuff strewn all over the ground like a big garage sale right by the trail as we came upon the lake.  All the while they were actually at the other end of the lake screaming and shouting.  Then they dragged logs into the lake and paddling with them like canoes.  This was the most obnoxious visual and sound pollution I'd seen. Few hikers came up to the lake and almost immediately left when they saw the family. But there were so many flowers blooming among the rocks right there that we had to walk around. The wonder of the flowers made it easier to ignore the group's loudness from a distance. Thankfully as we continued onto the trail, we saw them turning back on the trail going the opposite direction.

During the hike we saw a marmot, AND, a bald eagle right at Winnemucca Lake!! A total treat.

Little over 4 mile hike took us 4 hours. On his own, Paul hikes 3 time that distance in the same amount of time. I'm a much slower walker/hiker and easily distracted by the flowers. I'll be coming back here in 3 or 4 weeks when the wild flowers are more in full bloom.

Round Top Peak above Winnemucca Lake

Frog Lake

See the marmot?

Winnemucca Lake

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