Saturday, June 16, 2012

Cascade Fall

I went for a small hike earlier this morning at Cascade Fall. I'd forgotten it was Saturday.  Never again going for hikes on a Saturday during summer at any popular trail in the Tahoe Basin.

Good thing I got there early around 9:00, no problem for parking at the Bayview Trail head.  I just parked by the road and walked through campground to the trailhead rather than parking at the lot by the trail entranc  At that hour, not a lot of people were out yet. But by the time I turned around, there was a steady stream of people coming, and parking was full at both the lot and along the road.

All I wanted was a quick easy morning hike. And this was a good one for it, very little overall elevation change, just a lot of up and down the steps on a rather rocky trail.

On the way home I stopped by Paul's work to say hi.  He was a bit surprised that I showed up, and he took a little brake so we walked around the trails nearby :)

The front lake is Cascade Lake, the the lake behind is Lake Tahoe. 

Cascade Fall

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