Thursday, December 4, 2014

Donation Update 1

Thank you all for purchasing the 2 patterns (Let's Go for a Walk, and Let's Go for a Stroll).
Usually when a pattern releases, the biggest selling days are first day or two.  I was hoping for a little amount, but it came out better than what I am used to with my usual pattern sales :)

So far, the Let's Go mini collection made 29 sales, and 11 sales for the Hat and 17 for the Mittens. These brought the total amount to $286.

I decided to send out my first donations after yesterday seeing a report on local news about Poppi, an injured poodle found by the roadside, who needs a leg amputated, and she is already blind on one eye.  So I sent $50 to Nevada Humane Society, a no-kill shelter, specifically for Poppy.


In addition, I made another $50 general donation to the same Nevada Humane Societ..
Then, I made the third donation  of $50 to Northern Nevada SPCA, another no-kill animal shelter in this area.

That brought the total of donation to this day to $150.  I am personally covering all Paypal fees on pattern sales and fees to make donations online, so 100% what knitters pay will go to animals.

After the above donation, I saw a senior Shih Tzu named Jerry Garcia that is on the website of Northern Nevada SPCA,  I'm still recovering from loosing Cody (both emotionally and the financial debt we incurred) that I am still not ready to adopt. I feel so terrible, really, really, terrible, that my heart is not big enough to provide a home for him at this time.  The one small thing I could do was to make a tiny personal donation of $25 (not from the pattern sales) for him.  It's not much, but...

Jerry Garcia

Thank you for all your help to make this possible.  We still have $136 left from the first wave of sales, and hopefully, more to come.  I will report back on next donation.

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