Monday, December 22, 2014

Winter Break Sewing Begins

Winter break is finally here.
I have to admit the last 3 weeks of the semester was really trying for several reasons.  Worst of all was the scheduling of classes. Long days with 3 classes back to back (2.5 hours long of each class) was really getting to me.  To have something to look forward to, I promised myself a pair of cowgirl boots when I make it to the end.  And I did make it.

Living here in Nevada, how can a girl not have a nice pair of cowgirl boots?

As soon as the semester was over, I bought myself a lovely pair of Ariat Heritage.  It's so comfy and the openings of cowgirl boots are the best for a wide calves.

Well, to go with the boots, I thought I'd make myself a coat and some mini skirts to wear over leggings.
I ended up with 2 coats.  I'd been wanting to make one for a year, but I was always lazy, even though I'd already bought the fabric.

The red one was actually made as a prototype.  I drafted the pattern, and used the red wool as my muslin since it was from the bargain bin of Hancock Fabric.  If I remember correctly, I got it for less than $6 per yard.  I figured if the prototype works, I'd have a nice coat. I used micro-fleece as lining as I'd always dreamed of doing.  The fit came out good, roomy like I'd planned, But the collars were a bit funky even after a few tries. But all in all, I'd totally wear it. It took 2 days to finish it.

After the prototype was done, I made the coat that I always wanted with a nice wool that has saddle stitches decoration.  I believe I bought this wool fabric from Hancock Fabric as well when it was on sale.  I always had this design in my head when I bought the fabric a year ago.  I knew it has to be a hoodie, not one of those wimpy detachable one, but a real hoodie.  It is lined with aqua color of micro-fleece.  Roomy fit to wear over layers. I even took the time to make the front facing and the hem facing. It's got pockets made with the oh-so-cuddly micro fleece too. I so love this coat. It is exactly how I always dreamed of.  It's so cuddly with the fleece lining that I totally don't want to take it off.

Then I got on a skirt making binge, starting with a yellow stretchy knit that I folded into crossing bands. It's short, but I'm wearing leggings underneath it. Very fun little project.  It was inspired by some skint I saw on Pinterest a while ago.

The next one was paneled denim, and I added the "ode to knit" decoration.  Just had to.  I sew strips of stretchy knit onto the 2 sides of the slit, then hook up the stitches.

The last skirt was a wool blend, simple box pleats at the front.

I'm pretty happy with how they all turned out.  I made all the patterns myself. Well, I didn't cut out any patterns for the skirts, just drew the designs and schematics on scrap papers and proceeded with cutting the fabric.  Nothing earth shattering but I'm pretty pleased with the results.

All fabric came from my stash.  The only thing I had to buy was the buttons for the coats. The t-shirt was something I made last year.

Yes, all these sewing done in one week.  I couldn't help it.  That's what winter break is all about, doing my own projects. And I'm honestly the happiest when I'm working on my own projects.

Since I now have a pair of cowgirl boots, here's a little confession of being a poser: I'd never ridden or horse, other than the merry go rounds.  I've been on camels in the Sahara, but never been on a horse.  And Paul's aunt breeds horses in Conneticut!  Maybe one day.  I sure hope so.  

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